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02.21.2022 – On this day, I worked on Folly Beach City Hall construction documentation set. I drafted more on the construction details to push them closer to completion. After working on that for a couple of hours, I switched to finishing up adding details to the context model. The buildings adjacent to our structure are very colorful and needed to be shown in our renderings when presenting to our client on Wednesday.

Total Hours (4:00) | AXP Hours – Project Development and Documentation

02.22.2022 – I printed the construction document set as a full size and a half size for the client meeting tomorrow. I then moved back into lumion to build the context of the rendering more. It is important to us to show the surrounding buildings of our structure since we are picking new exterior finishes. After finalizing the renderings, I printed our half size versions to bring along with us to the meeting tomorrow.

Total Hours (4:00) | AXP Hours – Project Development and Documentation

02.23.2022 – On this day, I attended the Folly Beach City Hall design meeting with my mentor. At the meeting, we discussed the proposed structural changes then presented different spec’d products for the project. After getting agreeance on the materials, we presented our three exterior color finishes. Once the discussion was over, we toured the rest of the interior space.

Total Hours (4:00) | AXP Hours – Project Development and Documentation

02.24.2022 – Today, I will be working more on the construction document set for Folly Beach City Hall. I will be finding more roof vent details pertaining to architectural shingle roofs. I also will be drafting a downspout detail as well as finding a valley detail for shingle roofs. One design change to the building that came from the meeting was the topic of adding weeps to the plinth detail. I will also be finding a spec for weep ropes today. We will be ending work a little early today to head to the first mentor/internship class meeting.

Total Hours (3:45) | AXP Hours – Project Development and Documentation

Reflecting on this week, I was introduced more to OSHA and how they operate concerning approval of public spaces. Folly Beach City Hall is an existing building that has been recently renovated. One issue that arose with the renovation was that the parapet height did not meet the required standards. Knowing this, they decided to put any mechanical equipment ten feet away from the parapet to prevent from having to raise the height to meet OSHA standards. OSHA is still not happy and this will be further discussed at the next design meeting.

Folly Beach City Hall

Folly Beach, SC

Exterior Restoration

Dave Baccarrini

Complete construction document set.

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