Thaly Jimenez | NOVUS Architects | Week 10


The week of November 1st I worked a total of 16 hours on two different projects which include: TMC Cancer Center Renovation project and the TMC LINAC 2 Replacement project. On November 1st, I worked on the door schedule for the TMC Cancer Center Renovation Project. I made sure that every door that needed replacement was tagged on the reference plan with the oval tag, as well as making sure all the doors show up on the door schedule on sheet A601 and that the rating for each door is appropriate. At the end of the day our VPN server was down so I had to wait till the next day to talk with the hardware consultant.


On November 2nd, I continued to work on the TMC Cancer Center renovation project. I had a meeting in the morning with Ann and the hardware set specialist to go over how to add the hardware set that they put together onto our Revit door schedule. We then went over the doors with a missing rating and added them in. After that, I went over the door openings that they had listed and made sure that those were the same dimensions (height and width) as the ones we had from the site survey that I did at the beginning of my internship.


On November 3rd, I worked on the TMC LINAC 2 Replacement project. I spoke with Andrew to set up the model file as well as the sheet file for the project and then Ann and I got on a call to set up plan views on the model file for the Schematic Design Set which included an existing plan, a demolition plan, and a proposed plan.


On November 4th, I made sheets for the existing plan, demolition plan and proposed plans on the sheet file and added the plans that we had created along with a hatched area showing areas that were not in scope to the sheets. I also added demolition key notes, wall legens, project scope plans, etc.

This week’s tasks helped me achieve my AXP hours in one category: Project Planning and Design

Lesson’s learned:

One of the lessons I learned this week was about door hardware and how the hardware specialist put together a list of parts that will be needed to put together each door and a long with it they include instruction on how each part goes together and to which door it belongs to. We reference these parts on the door schedule and I think the job of the hardware specialist is really important because if we had to do it it would take a really long time to put together.

Below I am attaching a screen capture of a sheet I worked on.

Demolition Plan Sheet

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