Brittany Lapple | SMHa | Oct. 25 – Oct. 29

Weekly Hours: 16 | Total Hours: 150

Late last week we received comments from the Carolina Park Design Review Board regarding our two proposed retail buildings. Unfortunately, their feedback was more critical than what we were anticipating, especially given the fact that our concept was presented to them previously with very minimal feedback. The DRB questioned everything from the effectiveness of our massing to the fact that we were proposing an asphalt shingle roof. Although discouraged at first glimpse, I spent the remainder of the week working through the comments in our Revit file and created a new package for the next time we can submit.

The harsh feedback also had a negative impact on the relationship between Carolina Park and the developer, who felt as though the review board was being unfair with their comments. He has asked us to pause the project for the time being until he decides if he is interested in pursuing the project any further.

[Pictured Below – Page 1 of the DRB comments]

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