Maddi Riester | Tyler A. Smyth Architects | 11.08.21-11.12.21

Hours: 21.50 AXP: 21.50

This week I have finished up the Boyd-Sellers Renovation and set up a progress set to be submitted for review. Mainly working in revit, I got to learn some new techniques, which actually helped me in my Community Build studio in creating families in Revit.
Working on the Boyd-Sellers project, I learned a little more regarding interior stairs, head clearance, and codes. Having already tackled stairs in my first project assigned with the Smith-Ross renovation, I felt more comfortable and knowledgeable on taking this project on. I also learned the calculations for creating interior stairs.

I also started to work on the Killians renovation after receiving some feedback from them. Moving forward we are only going to focus on the interior.

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