Michaela Chrisman – Red Iron Architects // 11.01.2021-11.04.2021

Time worked: 16

AXP Hours Earned: 16

Tasks Performed:

  1. Model new office renovation project in Revit
  2. Code review for existing B occupancy office building
  3. Life safety plans for office building
  4. Coordination of consultant sheets for Hursey 


This week I learned why code is so important. IBC can be very confusing for someone new to code and the verbage used within the text. Many times I have heard people reread the same rule and understand it in a different way. Our office has had long conversations about what each rule means to our buildings to make sure we are designing safely for our clients. If we dont know the correct way to read it, we reach out to the network of architects we have made over the years. In the renovation I am working on, I was trying to understand how they built this 2 story building without an elevator. After a deep code search and understanding occupancy load factors, I have determined they did not have to have an elevator, but for best practices, we are still going to add one now. 


Records of work:

project title : Office Renovation

project location: 6543 Fain Street, North Charleston, SC 29406

project scope : Office Building

project manager: Emma Souder

role of the student : Code Review 

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