RJ Gross | Beau Clowney Architects | Week 9


This week I worked a total of 16 hours and earned 16 AXP hours.

This week I worked on two projects. The first was continuing the interior elevations. After adding the appliances the client choose, I made changes to exterior elevations to make sure they worked with what was happening on the interior, such as window placements and correct door sizes. I also worked on a renovation project in Downtown Charleston, on King Street, near Battery Park. This was a interesting situation because these client’s daughter is another one of our clients and projects on Tradd Street. This King Street renovation included changing a large bathroom that divided a room into a large sitting room right outside the master bedroom. We also redesigned the a smaller closes and bathroom off the master bedroom.

Overall, this week I learned that sometimes we can get clients, simply from relationships. I also noticed a houses may have had a recent renovation and clients are always changing their minds to fit their lifestyle.

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