Michaela Chrisman – Red Iron Architects // 10.25.2021-10.29.2021

Time worked: 17

AXP Hours Earned: 17

Tasks Performed:

  1. Create mock up panel of typical wall sections for client for confirmation on materials
  2. Review metal building company’s shop drawings to make sure all window, door, and exhaust placements are correct. 
  3. Red line CD set for Red Horse Printing 
  4. Site plan redesign for Hursey 



This week I got a glimpse of what happens when you do not receive a variance from the city. This is a problem that the team on Hursey has been struggling with since the beginning of the project. We are now trying to understand how to best design on a site that is too small for the population size. We presented a few options to the client and are now waiting on their decision. This is a lesson in understanding the process and consequences of filing with the city and city laws. 


Records of work:

project title :Hursey Montessori School

project location: 3795 Spruill Ave, North Charleston, SC 29405

project scope : New 3 story K-12 school building

project manager: Danielle DeLorme

role of the student : Assist in CD set details

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