Jessica Longhurst – Week 7 – 10.13.2021 to 10.14.2021 LS3P

Hours: 8 AXP Hours: 8


Programming Parish House Addition

I continued to work on the Parish House Addition in Bluffton, SC. I continued through iterations and settled on on 2 schemes with 2 different approaches on how to lay out and extrude the existing porch space.

I also conducting additional research for the Post and Courier demolition project with the new development that is going to be placed.

I am continuing to learn the value in analog work and thinking through ideas with pen and paper. I was able to go through iterations quickly and think thoughtfully in the programmatic practice of sketching on top of an existing floor plan. The floor plan program ideas were presented to the client.

Records of Work:

Post and Courier Demolition Plan (COM)

Cross Gate Building B (COM)

Addition to a Parish House in Bluffton (RES)

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