Brittany Lapple | SMHa | Sept. 27 – Oct. 1

Weekly Hours: 14 | Total Hours: 96

 This week I reviewed life safety plans for both Building A and B at the Carolina Park retail complex. At this phase, we are starting to understand which tenants will occupy the space, and how much square footage each will require. While working through this process, I learned that the following information is needed to create an accurate life safety plan:

  • Label all rooms and identify occupancy classifications as appropriate.
  • Total square footage of each tenant space.
  • Complete floor plan indicating the exit path with maximum travel distance identified.
  • Calculated occupant loads for spaces and egress loads at exit doors.
  • Indicate location of exit signs and fire extinguishers.
  • Note all fire rated walls.
  • Location of fire sprinkler riser, fire department connections, and fire alarm control panels.

We also had our first in person class this week. Interns and mentors came together over lunch to discuss a 2015 lecture by architect and planner Andres Duany, which he gave after a week-long design charrette that has shaped the current B.A.R. process in Charleston. It was extremely insightful to listen to practicing architects discuss the pros and cons of working in our city.


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