Brittany Lapple | SMHa | Oct. 11 – Oct. 22

Weekly Hours: 22 | Total Hours: 134

[Fall Break]

I’ve spent the last two weeks continuing to work through redlines for the Carolina Park retail complex. I met with my project team to discuss several items that needed to be coordinated internally as well as with our consultants. Much of this involved our roof plans and details. We are not including mechanical roof units with the shell package, but still need to account for the structural loads that will come with the upfit package. This has caused some confusion as it is not typical.

I have also put together a color study for our specified exterior products to  be included with our final DRB submittal. This color study reflects the original design intent/mood board document that had been previously submitted to the DRB. This color study is being reflected through elevations as well as several perspective views. I learned how to use Revit as a tool to add texture to 2D views, rather than relying on a secondary program.

It is also becoming increasingly important to remain organized as we close in on the final CD deadline, which has been moved to November 10th. I end each work week by recording what needs to be accomplished the next time I’m in the office.

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