Thaly Jimenez | NOVUS Architects | Week 6


The week of October 4th I worked a total of 16 hours on the ‘TMC Cancer Center Renovation’ in North Charleston and “Directors Row” which is located in Indianapolis, Indiana. On September 27th, I finished up all markups from the meeting we had last week. I made changes to plans and elevations of the cabinetry, fixed light fixtures, ceilings grids, handrails, VWP, and crash rails on corridors. I also adjusted the hatch that represents the scope of the project under the reflected ceiling plans sheet.

10/05/21 – 10/06/21

On September 5th and 6th I had a lot of computer issues and spent these 2 days on a call with IT to try to resolve the issues. We tried many different things but nothing seemed to work so they had to set me up with a new laptop. I then had to transfer all the information over so I could keep working on my projects.


On October 7th, I worked on the TMC Cancer Center Renovation project. I worked on AutoCAD on fixing a file in order to import it into revit.

This week’s tasks helped me achieve my AXP hours in the category of Project Planning and Design.

Lesson’s learned:

One of the lessons I learned this week was about personally communicating with the client. We went back and forth on the best view to show the signs until we came to an agreement at the end.

Below I am attaching a screen capture of the nursing station that I worked on on Friday.

Nurse Station

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