Mia Walker at Mcmillan Pazdan Smith 3/1 – 3/4

This past week at MPS I worked a total of 17.4 hours. Most of these hours were spent working on revising renderings for the same project I worked on last week in the senior living studio. The past week instead of working on exterior perspectives I worked on the interior. This project has really given me the opportunity to learn more about the interior design side of projects as I was working one of the interior designers in our firm. Aside from the renderings I was working on making an animation that circled the exterior as well as did a walk though of the interior of the building. This was my first time ever doing an animation in Lumion. Its is very simple just mainly takes alot of patience as rendering videos take several hours.  In addition, to working on this project I was finally able to complete the finish boards for the Citadel project from several weeks ago, as I had been waiting on some of the samples to come in.

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