Ryan Murrey | SMHa | 3.1.21-3.4.21

This week I worked 15 hours. On Monday I got to the office a little early for the Monday morning meeting. Everyone got together in the main presentation space and went over where they were at in their projects and what was on the schedule for the week.  After, each studio broke into separate groups to discuss specific projects and what the next steps were.  

I focused on a new project which was a restoration of a bathroom and press box at a baseball field owned by the Charleston County School District. After creating and setting up the file, I used pictures of the current press box/bathroom and counted the cmu blocks to determine the dimensions of the structure. I spent the early part of the week piecing together the Revit model.  

The second part of the project was to build the proposed bathroom separate from the existing structure in Revit.  Using a rough set of drawings on the new proposed bathroom I built the corresponding Revit model.  After finishing the existing and proposed, I used the last portion of the week to put together a set of drawings for each. Before I left on Thursday, I printed out the drawing sheets so Margie could look them over.  

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