Lauren + Synchronicity | 03.01.21-03.04.21

Weekly hours: 15.50 | Total Hours: 100.25

Monday 03.01.21

  • Divided my day into 3 tasks.
  • I worked on the Bevi Bene Brewery window and door schedule.
  • Reviewed the structural engineers drawings to make sure they follow our plans.
  • Last, I fixed the red lines for the Stribling project.

Tuesday 03.02.21

  • Started my day by fixing the red lines for Stribling in the plans and sections.
    • Saw some errors so we had to redo the section railings and fix the stairs
  • I then went into the electrical plans and window and door schedule and fixed some red lines.
  • Fixed the elevations for Stribling
  • First day where I worked on different parts of the same project all day.

Wednesday 03.03.21

  • Began by reading Building blocks and accessible routes ADA codes.
  • Made changes to the window, door, and finishes schedule for Bevi Bene.

Thursday 03.04.21

  • Finished the Red lines for Bevi Bene for the window, door, and finishes schedule
  • Did my first take on the equipment schedule and red line the set when finished.
  • Put the titleblock on all the sheets for the Berkley project and made changes from the red lines.
  • Finished my day by fixing the red lines for the Hunter Quinne project


Each week I feel that I am expanding my knowledge. After learning and getting used to some parts of the construction drawings, my team has trusted me with trying and doing more. For the first time, I did the finishing schedule and equipment schedule. I filled out most of the sheet for the window, door, finishing,  and equipment schedule for one project and worked on various sheets of the same project in one day. By doing this, I expanded my knowledge on the detail sheet and all the different types of required drawings for the permit set. Overall, I am enjoying doing more and more every week.

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