Breland Land | Haute Design | 3.1.21-3.4.21

Hours: 12


This week I worked on the design boards for a client meeting coming up. I photoshop and collage the furniture to present to the clients. I have also been starting to work on renderings of walls in a clients house to get a feel for the colors and themes each room will have. I have had to teach myself some photoshop skills which can be frustrating, but I am really enjoying it. I am also given some creative liberty to design my own iterations for the client which is really fun! I was supposed to begin Cad this week, but my computers software needs to be updated. Amelia told be that there are a few installs that she would want me to help them with and go to site visits too! I am excited to see the end result of a lot of the projects that they have been working on.

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