Tamaki Inahata |Design Works |Mar. 1 – Mar. 5

Weekly hours: 20 | Total Hours: 76


During the past week at Design Works, I’ve experienced an amazing site visit for the Kiawah Island resort project. Kiawah Island is one of the most beautiful resort areas in the state. DW designed the main resort planning several years ago. In this time, DW is planing the new landscape around the golf clubhouse. The site visiting on Mar 2 was to observe the current construction site and put the flag for the highlight of planting. The final document indicates the planting plan with the detail, but it is important to show the location on the accrual site. We wrote the number of sizes on the flags and put them into the ground. The purpose is to tell the certain locations to the constructors(?) without any concern, and the landscape architect can picture the final view and adjust the final decision. As putting the flags, we check the perspective from several viewpoints. This experience was meaningful for thinking on an accurate scale, not like 1’=100′. This must be helpful to my studio work as well.

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