Sarah Miley | Moseley Architects | 03.01.2021 – 03.04.2021

At the conclusion of this week, I was able to work on improving multiple skill sets. I concluded two separate drawing send outs and was able to sit with Ben and my other co-workers to discuss and improve the working drawings. Ben was able to point out simple tools of how to properly represent buildings when situated on site. For example, when we reviewed the color schemes for the Darlington Fire Station,  Ben showed me how the shadows should be properly displayed when in relation to N/S site relation. In addition, the Moseley University class of O&P was a three hour course where I was able to sit with co-workers on zoom from multiple firm locations and learn standards and procedures of drawing productions. The speaker was able to give personal stories of lessons that he learned over the span of his career and showed the locations of documents for standards to follow. This week taught me the technical aspects behind drawing productions and how I can pick up on the experiences of my mentors to help me grow as an intern.

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