Maggie Gaston | Synchronicity Land + Architecture 03.01.21 – 03.05.21

My week at Synchronicity was full of AutoCAD exploring and landscape design. I have learned that working with AutoCAD in a professional office is way different than working on my own projects. The files are huge and run off of several CAD files that are compiled into one. I learned how to manage the X-ref files and link or edit previous drawings to make one cohesive drawing. My assignment for the week was to create landscape plan DRB sets for a big senior living home project. The first thing I had to do for this project was go into the master landscape plan to place vegetation based off of an existing plant legend. Along with placing the vegetation, I applied a variety a hatching to specific areas throughout the lawns to represent ground covers and other perennials. After I had completed the landscape and plant selection plans for four major lots, I began checking the legends and annotating the lots. This included the plants abbreviation, the botanical name, and the number of plants that are to be used within each lot. This task was very time consuming because of the diverse vegetation selection used throughout the site. It was also time consuming because my computer cannot handle huge files and hatching. In order to hatch a space, I had to open a new drawing and copy the shape over and complete the hatch there. Once the hatch was complete, I had to copy it back into the base file and place it in the desired location. It took forever but the process was helpful in teaching me a new way to solve an AutoCAD error. I successfully created two of the four required DRB sets and plan to finish the rest on Monday. Once I have all the DRB complete, then I will more than likely print them and prepare to red line for issues. I’m sure the process of fixing and creating these files will begin all over again next week, but the end result will be satisfying!

Total Hours: 80

Hours worked this week: 20

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