Olivia Wideman @ LS3P | 3.1-3.4

Hours: 16    AXP: 96


This week at LS3P I was able to work on 2 projects! I started Monday by finishing up the Bosch Cafeteria Renovation model by adding beams in the entry! After, I started with Bitty and Beau’s new cafe in Winston Salem. Bitty and Beau’s is a cafe that was started by the Wright family who has two kids with down syndrome. They started this cafe to employ people with special needs or disabilities. For this project, I had had to draw the two leasing spaces the client is looking to buy. From there, the client wanted to see if all the space they needed for the program would fit into these which space the best. For reference, I took the measurements from their savannah location and fit them into a functional space. My coworker sent the schemes out on Tuesday and heard back. She was wondering how furniture would look in the space and I started working on 2 iterations for each leasing space. Overall I enjoyed working in the hospitality sector this week and am excited to hear the client’s opinion when I go back on Monday!


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