RJ Gross | SGA Narmour Wright Design | 03/01-03/04

Hours: 16    AXP: 12 Hours


This week at SGA| NW Design I worked on two projects, LIV Windsor Hill Apartments in North Charleston and Utopia Salon on Ashley River Road.  The Windsor Hill apartments changed one of the buildings by adding a mail room. This addition changed the units around it, creating a new unit type. Through Revit, I added the new sheets for this new unit. It required a new Unit Plan, EOS Plan, Reflected Ceiling Plan and a couple new interior sections. Many on the Interior sections were able to be reused from other buildings and were annotated to match.

The Utopia Salon on Ashley River Road is a conversion, remodeling project from an one story residential brick home to a salon. I went to the site to measure the new changes the contractor made that was different than the plan. I came back to the office and added the changes to the plan through ACAD. I went back Thursday morning to be more measurements but unfortunately the contractor never showed up.

This week’s experience has been great and very helpful, especially going to a project’s construction site for the first time. I learned from a remodeling project on how things are changed on the site compared to what we do on the computer in Revit. I also learned how to layout a alternative plan on a project, what goes into a small change, and how it impacts the rest of the drawings.

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