Olivia Wideman @ LS3P| 2.22-2.25


AXP: —

The week of February 22- 25 was my favorite so far!


I worked on redlines for RSIA and also continued some casework for the QVC Breakroom.

I got to go on a site visit to a project that my coworker, Emily, worked on this past summer. Before we went, she showed me the before pictures of the 100-year-old house.  The property was purchased by the Citadel, and they’re using the house as an Airbnb space for speakers when they come or even to hold events.

This site visit really exciting because this was one of my internship goals– to go on a site visit and see the interaction between contractors and architects. The interaction was very positive and they were both on the same page and were pleased with the results. I think it important to keep a close relationship with contractors because they’re the ones who are going to execute the design.


Tuesday I worked more on the redlines for RSIA and casework for the  QVC breakroom. I also got to attend a budgeting meeting for the Robert Smalls project (RSIA).

This was a very interesting meeting to be a part of because of the current deadline of the entire project and the fact that the project is 3 million dollars over budget. More of the design elements are undecided on than accepted and it is holding back completion of the project and construction documents. They are deciding what to remove or what materials can change to decrease the price of the build.




On Wednesday I worked on Materials with the interior design group with RSIA. I also learned how to create sheets correctly and label them as well as elevations.



On Thursday I started back on the Bosch Cafeteria Renovation project! My coworker met with the client and they came up with some design options, so I got to build those elements in Revit!




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