Aaron Autry + JMO Woodworks Week of 11.2 – 11.5

Daily Logs

Monday 11.2.20

Hours Worked: 0

  • Took this day off because of fall break.

Tuesday 11.3.20

Hours Worked: 6

  • Hung a light in the tool room at the shop.
  • Organized all tools within the tool room and came up with a new ordering system for shop tools.
  • Organized all drawers of drill bits, wrenches, chisels and things such as that.
  • Cleaned and tuned up clamps.

Wednesday 11.4.20

Hours Worked: 4

  • Using construction drawings, started to cut out panels to build shelves for kitchen, pantry and laundry room cabinets.
  • Started milling down materials for nosing for shelves.

Thursday 11.5.20

Hours Worked: 4

  • Using construction drawings, started to organize and mill lumber to make drawer fronts.
  • Finished cutting shelves.



The first day that I worked this week, I spent all day organizing the tool room to make all the tools more accessible and easier to locate.  Also I spent a good amount of time scraping glue off of clamps to make them easier to use.  The next day was spent figuring out how to yield the most shelves that I could out of typical 4’x8’ sheets of plywood and not have so much waste.  The next day was spent finishing the shelves as well as starting to mill down lumber to make the drawer fronts for the cabinets.

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