Lindsey Sinisi, Week 10.19.20-10.22.20

LS3P & Associates

Monday: 4 hours / Project Development & Documentation

In the morning I met with Evan to see the Enscape renders of the staircase I had modeled. We went over the different views and I printed out some of the views with the intention of rendering them by hand. I also asked Brian if he had any rendering markers I could use, and he showed me where to find them and gave advice on how to best use them. Right when I began, however, Christine came by and asked me to switch back to Robert Smalls and work on that staircase! As she is on Interiors for both projects, she determined the school was more important at the moment. I quickly cleaned up the stair model before I left for the day.


Tuesday : 5 hour / Project Development & Documentation, 1.5 hours / Project Management

In the morning I looked through the code to find out how to correctly design bench seating underneath the monumental stair. Once I got all the pieces measured, I modeled the bench seating in multiple iterations until I had one I was satisfied with. I also modeled-in-place the stair railing, which was based off of a precedent I had found a couple of weeks earlier! I sent the images to Christine and she loved it. I then stayed later to sit in on a dry run of the client meeting the project team had the next day. It was cool to see Christine present the diagrams, drawings and model that I had created to the rest of the team.


Wednesday: 4 hours / Project Planning & Design

As it was the morning of the school’s client meeting, I got to switch back to the monumental stair for the Woolfe Hotel. I found out that another architect not currently on the project had been asked for advice on the stair, and he had modeled a new one. I was asked to take this, place it in the BIM file, and finish the model he had started. This was definitely frustrating because it felt like the hours I had spent modeling the stair were completely pointless. But nevertheless I added the stair in, and spent the rest of the day struggling to make the design work.


Thursday: 4 hours / Project Planning & Design

I heard from Kameron how the meeting went, and it went really well. They loved the floor diagrams and stair (the parts I worked on!) and said the wall graphic on the stair wall was too large scale. I mentioned that I had thought the same and Kameron told me I should have said something and to not be afraid to speak up in the future. I am so bad at that! I spent the rest of the day attempting to model the stair, and it had us all stumped (including the architect who had modeled it in the first place). Definitely frustrated and hoping we’ll make some headway next week.


Total AXP Hours: 119 hours 



This week was frustrating, exciting, and taught me a lot. I had boosts of confidence and other times where I felt pretty inadequate. I think there’s a lesson in management and leadership, and I hope I take that with me when I enter the profession. Regardless, I’ve learned a lot regarding Revit modeling and have been able to be creative and take ownership of my work.

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