Shane Lenard Week 10.19.20 – 10.22.20

~Novus Architects~

Monday (10.19.20)

Today we began with the typical Monday morning meeting with the Charleston office which lasted an hour. Then we had a company meeting for just a short time. I then got with Grant to make casework for the Vet Clinic. The casework is to go into the exam rooms, conference rooms, and break rooms. I had to create the casework and use ADA code to determine how high it would be. This is because we configured it to have an ADA sink, so it had to be 34″ high max. I also chose some of the casework and made sure it looked right.

Tuesday (10.20.20)

Today I continued on Vet Clinic Casework. I first created some soffits that would go above. We are not doing any sloping work above the casework. After this I printed out a set and QC’ed the casework sheet. I went back and fixed some of my annotations and made sure all of my tags and labels were correct in the views.

Wednesday (10.21.20)

On this day I worked n the dimension plan. The project is split into two phases, a core and shell and then an interior phase. This is reflected in the Revit model. Grant split the Revit model into the two phases. Unfortunately, this made the dimensions on the inside incorrect as they got messed up. I had to go back and correct this error and make sure the dimensions were done to the correct level they were before we split phases.

Thursday (10.22.20)

On this last day I work on the finish plan with Adrian. I picked up some markups and made sure that the correct flooring was showing in the spaces it was necessary. I also updated the finish plan tags. We then got together as a team and after that we had our group sponsor meeting.

Concluding thoughts:

This was a better week for sure. Things moved faster and I think Grant trusted me to help out more which was good. While this Vet Clinic moves fast, it still does not move as fast as CSL. I would see this as an advantage, but it can still make things difficult to determine if I’m keeping pace or not. I think the communication with my coworkers went much better this week as I made sure I knew exactly what I had to do at the beginning of each day.

AXP Hours:

Practice Management: 2.5

Project Planning/ Design: 13.5

New River Vet Clinic Casework & Finish Plan Sheets.


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