Lindsey Sinisi, Week 10.12.20-10.15.20

LS3P & Associates

Monday: 4 hours / Project Development & Documentation

Worked more on the sheets for Robert Smalls. I spoke with Kyra for the first time in awhile, and besides catching up mentioned to her that I was interested in branching out from the school and working on other projects. She said that one of the projects she was working on had a presentation coming up that required modelling and renders, and that she would ask her lead architect if they could use my help. She messaged me that evening that he said yes. I was super excited for the opportunity and it really showed me that sometimes all you have to do is ask!


Tuesday : 1 hour / Project Development & Documentation, 3 hours / Project Planning & Design

First thing in the morning, I spoke with Kameron about moving to the other project and got firm approval to go ahead. She was excited for me to get more experience and we spoke about how the midterm review went and other ways to reach my goals. I let Kyra know and she began to send me materials for the task. I still sat in on the weekly design team meeting for Robert Smalls, and let the team know that I wouldn’t be available for the rest of the week. I got access to the model for the Woolfe Street hotel, got familar with it and the interiors concepts we are working with. Kyra showed me what she had previously modeled and how the client reacted, giving me an idea of what we were aiming for. I began to attempt to model the stair.


Wednesday: 4 1/2 hours / Project Planning & Design

I spent the whole day working on the stair. This involved many iterations, attempts and mistakes. While frustrating at first, I think this was super helpful for me to learn and a welcome change from the more mindless work that I had been doing. It was also fun because many people would walk by and see what I was working on, stop and give me advice and ideas. It’s always satisfying to know what you’re working on is exciting to everyone else too!


Thursday: 4 hours / Project Planning & Design

Today I met with Kyra early on to show her the progress I had made and discuss next steps for the task. Kelly stopped by as well, and we discussed different views to show the client and how to take what the client has said and get that ‘wow’ factor. I spent time cleaning up the stair model and creating and adjusting 3d views for rendering. On Monday I will render the views in Enscape, along with doing hand drawn sketch renderings that I am super excited about.


Total AXP Hours: 100.5 hours 



This week I really pushed myself to search for work that would be fulfilling, to be proactive and more confident. The midterm meeting really pushed me to do this and it felt really good to see the rewards. I am excited to continue in this direction next week, to show more of what I can do and in turn grow and learn in the process.


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