Aaron Autry + JMO Woodworks Week of 10.12 – 10.15

Daily Logs

Monday 10.12.20

Hours Worked: 4.5

  • Made another large cedar sign for a sign company.
  • Glued together a portion of a large double sink vanity for a house on Kiawah Island.
  • Continued milling process of face frame components for cabinets in the same house.

Tuesday 10.13.20

Hours Worked: 4

  • Finished milling process of face frame components.
  • Finish sanded the face frame components.
  • Routed a rabbit into the edges of a vanity so that it can be scribed to the existing wall.

Wednesday 10.14.20

Hours Worked: 4

  • Glued and assembled the face frame pieces into complete face frame assemblies.
  • Learned to drive a forklift and moved lumber around in the shop.
  • Cut out back pieces of cabinets.

Thursday 10.15.20

Hours Worked: 4

  • Finish sanded face frame assemblies and prepared them for paint.



This week was mostly spent in preparing portions of cabinetry to be delivered and installed on site at the house in Kiawah Island.  I spent a lot of time on creating maple face frame assemblies in order to attach to the front of cabinets in order to hide the raw side of plywood from view.  Most of the time was spent milling down the wood to the specific dimensions needed to match the base frames of the cabinets that were already assembled out of plywood.  Towards the end of the week the face frames were actually assembled using domino joinery and epoxy and then joined together making sure everything is square and flat.


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