Ryan Bing @ Synchronicity – Week 3: 9/14-9/18

Hours Worked: 16

Total Hours: 44

Monday 9.14.20 – The majority of tasks for this day involved red line corrections on a CD set for a series of homes being drawn up and re-designed for Mungo Home Builders, which is one of the largest homebuilders in the Charleston area. Interestingly (and ironically making our work more tedious) the client specifically asked all of the plan dimensions to be adjusted from calling out the width of rough openings in plan to showing the dimensions to center lines of all the rough openings. This ended up being billed to the client as additional services.

Tuesday 9.15.20 – I started looking into the requirements for a small B.A.R. submittal, and making note of what was and was not created already in the project folder. I also went and took streetscape photos for the submittal of the existing elevation and the neighboring buildings, as well as the elevations across the street and arranged them on a sheet.

Wednesday 9.16.20 & Thursday 9.17.20 – These days consisted entirely of making redline revisions to the CD set for the project with Mungo Homes.


Thoughts: Becoming well acquainted with the B.A.R process and other similar processes of submittal and review is extremely important to be able to work efficiently and keep the project running smoothly. Knowing the sumbittal requirements as well help to ensure that the right deliverables are made so that time isn’t wasted working on extra drawings as well.

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