Claire McManus + Herlong Architects : Week 6 – 10.5 – 10.9

Week 5 : 16 hours

10/5  – 10/9


3213 Middle Street Project – Sullivan’s Island


Monday : 4 hours

I had a meeting with Cintra (interior designer) and Steve this morning on colors and materials for the house.  It was neat to be able to change colors and add textures while sharing my screen with them. I also made a few minor changes to the model (example : column size and garage door style).


Tuesday : 4 hours

I worked on changes from the meeting Monday and then did a few renders quickly that the client wanted to see. We all agree they they look a little monochromatic, so I will make changes to the sky and landscape to make the house stand out more.


Wednesday : 4 hours

I spent some time researching and developing the renders from yesterday and styles that may work better for what the client is looking for. It’s definitely time consuming to create renders, and this being my first time ever completing the realistic look to them, it takes me a little more time.  I feel like I will get faster as I learn the tricks and extensions on the program. I also met with Steve and Cintra again for some additional color adjustments that the client wanted to see.


Thursday: 4 hours

Today, I worked all morning on changing skies and landscape in the model and exporting different styles to Podium to see what works best. Achieving realistic materials is by far the hardest part of rendering and getting right.  I sent a few in of the front, but need to work on the ocean side of the house render as well.


Weekly AXP Hours: 16 hours / Project Development & Documentation


Weekly Lessons Learned: As always, this week I learned to much.  I learned a lot about Podium and the outputs of it.  There is still a lot for me to learn, but I’m proud of how far I’ve come for this to be my first real render.  I have watched many videos and will continue to until I master this program.  Renders definitely take time to adjust and get just right.  It’s a lot of trial and error.  While it can be frustrating when it doesn’t turn out exactly how is planned, it is nice and rewarding when it does.  I am attaching an image of the rear rendering before editing the sky, landscape, and a few other details below.


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