Claire McManus + Herlong Architects : Week 5 9.28 – 10.2


Week 4 : 16 hours

9/28  – 10/2


3213 Middle Street Project – Sullivan’s Island


Monday : 4 hours

I worked on a detailed render (rather than the sketch look) for the client on the 3213 Middle Street project.  I used a program called Podium that is an extension to SketchUp.  I spent time over the weekend watching videos and working on this as well.  I had only used Podium once before, so it was very new to me.  After exporting from Podium/SketchUp, I took the image into Photoshop and edited it as needed.


Tuesday : 4 hours

The render turned out great, and lead to a few more ideas of what could be accomplished on the façade.  It’s interesting that seeing a house/model in different styles leads to us seeing things differently and to us making more design decisions we wouldn’t have always noticed before.  I made the adjustments and finished up another render with those updates. We then sent it over to the client.


Wedensday : 4 hours

Today, I finished the render for the rear elevation of the house.  We also heard back from the client, and he loves it, but wants us to study colors for the exterior a little more so it isn’t monochromatic.  I will work on that tomorrow and change some materials/colors I both renders.


Thursday: 4 hours

Today, I worked on moving interior walls that needed adjustments from the façade changes that may have needed to change a wall location on the interior.  It’s amazing how much of a hybrid working interior and exterior is, as you want a home to look beautiful on the outside, but be just as beautiful and functional on the interior. I also had a meeting with Steve and Cintra (interior designer) about working on some color/material decisions.


Weekly AXP Hours: 12 hours / Project Development & Documentation

4 hours / Project Planning & Design


Weekly Lessons Learned: This week, I learned a lot about a program I knew very little about.  Podium is an extension for SketchUp to create realistic renderings.  I watched so many videos and practiced with several models before finding a style that worked for the project I needed to make a rendering of.  I know I still have tons to learn, but I definitely am happy for how the first few have turned out!

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