Andrew Matthews + COAST, Week: 9.14.20 – 9.27.20

Another day at the Beach. 
It hardly seems like work when your jobsite overlooks miles of beachfront but that is the case this week with a jobsite visit to the Isle of Palms Municipal Building. At Coast, we are currently renovating and expanding the Police/Fire Station building which in construction right now. One challenge that has come up is the prevention of roof leaks during the constant rain that is Charleston’s hurricane season. So, along with the project’s structural engineer, our team spent the better part of the day talking about drainage strategies and roof warranties in the coastal sun. If it sounds like I’m complaining, I’m not.

Project: IOP Municipal Building (Police/Fire Department)
Location: Isle of Palms, SC
Phase: Construction
Dates: 9/21/2020 – 9/27/2020

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