Cora Butler + Pinnacle Architecture: 09/21-09/24

Weekly Hours: 16.5

Total Hours: 77.5 hours

Summary: All for Prototype School Design

Monday (4):

  • Kitchen Modeling

Tuesday (4)

  • Set up sheets – RCP & Plans

Wednesday (4)

  • Set up sheets – RCP & Plans
  • Rendering Kitchen

Thursday (4.5)

  • Rendering Cafeteria

I learned how to set up sheets using a template and place views.  With a project of this size it was important to set up a uniform way to divide up the pages. I used match lines restrict views, used a naming typology of zones (A thru G) to organize as well as establishing a keyed map on each page. Next week we will work on annotating the drawings and adding details.

My main challenge this week was practicing rendering using Enscape. After having worked on the kitchen layout, I thought it’d be fun to work on a view of the cafeteria that showed the serving line. I had to model a new material to create the metal links in the security grille that divides food service from the cafeteria. I also used photoshop to create a painted block texture for the walls and play with different types of terrazzo for the flooring. I wanted to add entourage to my drawing so I made a tree and used Enscape food which turned out to be very bizarre for American elementary school children. Since it is a German software all of the food was very European like fluffy croissants and breads with some obscure fruits like mangoes and pears. The only beverage options were coffee or bottles of alcohol — hopefully no one zooms in too closely!

It came out looking really good (see image), but then while it was rendering it crashed. It somehow saved the render, but then closed out of everything else. I wasn’t able to recover my work because I was accidentally in the central file instead of having created a local file to do work. The image you see is the only proof of the work I did for 3 hours. An important lesson learned the hard way…

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