Lindsey Sinisi, Week 9.21.20 – 9.24.20

LS3P & Associates

Monday: 4 hours / Project Development & Documentation

This day I really got to work on the ceilings and RCPs as well as the room naming. I really alternate between these two tasks for most of this week. It was nice to start these from scratch and see the thought process that goes into the initial design.


Tuesday : 4 hours / Project Development & Documentation

We had an hour long design team meeting to regroup after the SD deadline and get everything going for the next phase. I continued to work on room naming and sent Nikos, the PM, finalized PDFs for him to mark up.


Wednesday: 4 hours / Project Development & Documentation

I finished up all of the ceilings and got a lot of feedback from the other team members on best practice.


Thursday: 4 hours / Project Planning & Design

Today I cleaned up ceilings and the RCP sheets, and then I participated in charrette with the interiors and design team tackling the monumental staircase and entrance space for the building. This was a lot of fun, where I helped come up with exciting ideas and solutions to the client’s wishes. I left the meeting with new assignments that I will begin working on next week that are all about design and helping the client visualize our ideas.


Total AXP Hours: 49.5 hours 



This week was definitely a more typical week at the office, but I still found myself learning about workflow, project management and various facts about construction. I have never started all of the ceilings in the building from scratch, and learned a lot of cleaner and quicker ways to do things.

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