Week 6: February 24-27

Monday February 24 CE: 4Hrs

I continued surveying several buildings around town. I have surveyed over 100 buildings in Charleston now. I’ve continued to check for any foundation, roof or structural issues.

Tuesday February 25 CE: 4Hrs

I’ve been working with Kim Hlavin still to finish the survey of the houses around Charleston. She has given me a list of more places around town to resurvey. Once I have finished the survey. I will be researching the ownership of the houses to find out why the homes are being neglected and if the owners are willing to learn more on ways to restore their homes.

Thursday February 27 CE: 4Hrs

Today, I continued to survey houses around town. I’ve now found that about 20 have been renovated out of 180 since the survey was last done two years ago.


Looking Back:

Over the past month, I’ve learned to be more aware of the intentional neglect that is happening around charleston. By conducting this survey, I’ve been able to learn more about the materials and construction of historic buildings. Ive noticed how buildings are laid out in each neighborhood. I’ve also learned how buildings are being renovated and what is acceptable throughout Charleston.

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