Weeks 1 & 2 Jan 13-23

Week 1

Mon Jan 13

4 hours: Practice Management, P&D, P&A

monday office meeting

restaurant 1 elevations formatting

engineering client site visit, schematic plans

Tues Jan 14

4 hours: P&A,  Project Management,

engineering client design meeting, schematic plans, as-builts

Wed Jan 15

4 hours: Project P&D, P D&D, C&E

Summerville Retail: elevation signage changes cad, reissue

Engineering client upfit, modeling entrance and initial schematic floor plans

Summerville Retail Center 2 : contractor RFI questions

Thurs Jan 16

4 hours: Project Planning & Design

engineering client upfit, modeling entrance additional versions


Week 2

Mon Jan 20

4.5 hours: practice management, Planning & Design

office meeting

engineering client models & plan revisions

Tues Jan 21

4 hours:  P&D, D&D

engineering client models & plan revisions, export for client meeting

Wed Jan 22

8 hours: P&D, D&D

engineering clients models, formatting case studies

Thurs Jan 23

2 hours: planning& design, development & documentation

code review, meeting documents formatting



Work is work. Architecture is a job, thankfully. A fun, challenging job, but just a job. Not the central meaning of life.

So, getting back into the swing of things here at the office. Fortunately I’m already used to our design / work process, so it wasn’t a hard transition (the hard part is getting up at 5 to get to the gym ha).

Standard work includes : creation of sketchup models, with many many variations and versions, which becomes a bit difficult to keep track of which model exactly has which features, and then trying to present all that to the client in a digestible format is… hard. Same thing for the schematic plans. While I certainly admire my boss’ attention to detail, some things he calls ‘critical’, seem rather unimportant to me, but I’ll admit he’s much more likely to be right than I haha.

Did a bit of code review, always fun, answered contractor RFI and sent some questions along to the engineers. Always learn a lot doing those. A couple of typical weeks, I’d say. With a bit more scramble than usual on a client meeting thursday – a big engineering firm we wanted to impress. Shows the importance of tailoring work to the client.

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