MPS Work January 13th through January 29th

A few interesting things that I have done here at Mcmillan Pazdan Smith so far this semester:

-Construction Evaluation punch list at MUSC Hospital for Woman and Children. Went room to room creating a list of final tasks for the contractors to complete in time for opening day.



-Plans for a Law Firm gut and fill project on Calhoun street. Designed new layout for the project and built a Revit model.

Existing + Concept





-Photoshoot of the recently completed MUSC West Campus. (The start of my modeling career)



-Created Revit models for the existing schools in Dorchester county. Newington, Flowertown, Summerville, and Givhans were all interested in renovations or additions and I built the existing conditions in order to evaluate the potential for the schools to be developed.


I am learning a lot of new things about the way MPS’s office is run and, so far, it has been great working here. The firm is spread across 6 office locations, Charleston being one of the larger ones with 35 people on board. This is definitely the largest firm I have worked for, but the workflow and division of project types makes it easy gain experience within different areas of the design process across various project types.

7 hours, Project Development + Documentation
33 hours, Project Planning + Design
4 hours, Construction + Evaluation
3 hours, Practice Management

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