Dec. 2 – 6 @SMHa

Dec. 2 – Dec. 6 at SMHa

Monday, Dec. 2:

Today I worked on Renderings for the Windwood Farms pavilion.

AXP Hours: 4 PDD

Tuesday, Dec.3:

More work on Renderings today!  Using Revit x Enscape

AXP Hours: 4 PDD

Wednesday, Dec. 4:

I went to Life Park church to do a Punch list with Charles Muldrow and Lauren Sanchez.  I loved it so much, I am thinking of asking to work in our interiors department.  Lauren Sanchez might be one of my most favorite people.

AXP Hours: 5 CA

Thursday, Dec. 5:

Another day with Renderings!  Photoshop today.

AXP Hours: 4 PDD

Friday, Dec. 6:

Rendering in Photoshop.

AXP Hours: 4 PDD

Windwood Farms

Historic Merchants Hall, 36 North-Market, Charleston SC

Scope: One of our architects is doing a pro-bono project for Windwood farms and creating an outdoor, event pavilion to house their many occasions that happen at this venue.  The scope includes schematic design, CDs, and construction administration over this project to hopefully give this community a place to enjoy for many years to come.
Project Manager: Charles Muldrow
Role of Student:  I have assisted with creating the 3D Revit model of the pavilion, sections, elevations, details, and floorpans for construction documents.
What I have learned:

I LOVE interior architecture.  It is so fun and you create an experience.  I also realized that I love doing renderings this week.  Working in class and in the office in Revit and Enscape really showed me how much I love creating a beautiful, evocative image.  I am starting to think that I have found a niche that I want to work in. Hopefully I will be able to learn from Samantha and Corrine when I come back after graduation about interior architecture.  The work that they do always amazes me.  Last week at the best firm!

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