Nov. 25 & 26 @SMHa

Nov. 25 – Nov. 26 at SMHa

Monday, Nov. 25:

Worked on the same project as last week, 890 Island Park Drive! Redlines to enlarged toilet plans.

AXP Hours: 4 PDD

Tuesday, Nov. 26:

Redlines for 890.  Parapets will be the death of me.

AXP Hours: 4 PDD

Event Venue on Daniel Island

890 Island Park Drive, Daniel Island, SC

Scope: One of our architects designed a multi-use event venue for Daniel Island that SMHa has worked on through Schematic design and are following through construction administration.
Project Manager: Chris Atlman
Role of Student:  I have assisted with Redlines for Construction documents
What I have learned:

Redlines never end.  I wish I could say that I learned something more deep and meaningful this week, but this is what I really did learn.  Two more days of parapet details that never seem to be perfect.   I strive to loose the urge to have perfection on Construction Documents as I’m starting to think its an urban legend.  Also, architects argue a lot on detail lines and redlines and I think that the things they argue about really don’t matter.  I think that the line weight used to draw a drip edge could be a medium or wide thickness and the men on the construction site will NOT care.

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