Oct. 21st – 24th

Oct. 21st – 24th


Monday: After driving up to Camp Kanuga on Sunday, I spend all day measuring and documenting the existing conditions of the Chapel.   

AXP: Programing and Analysis 12 Hours


Tuesday: After receiving further information from consultants, I continued working on and editing the Sandy Island HSR

AXP: Project Management 3.5 Hours


Wednesday:  I continued working on the HSR 

AXP: Project Management 3.5 Hours


Thursday:  I continued working on the HSR

AXP:  Project Management 3.5 Hours


Weekly Project:  Kanuga Chapel

Project Manager: Ben Whitener

Role of Student: Assist with documentation and measuring of existing conditions. 


Lessons Learned: For this project, I had to go to the site in North Carolina and work a full day for documentation.  It was very interesting to see this scale of condition assessment as well as working so far from Charleston.  I found it to be very informative about buildings that don’t make any sense.  The undercroft of the Chapel, which was filled in with rooms after originally being built, was a mess and it took a lot of patience, persistence, and precision to be able to record all the information that we needed so that Natalie would be able to create an accurate model once we returned to Charleston. 

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