Oct. 28th – 31st

Oct. 28th – 31st


Monday: I finished up the Sandy Island HSR 

AXP: Project Management 4 Hours


Tuesday: I worked on digitizing the comments made by Ben and Jerry on the CDs for the Bishop Gadsden Assisted Living Facility that the are working on with another firm for construction management 

AXP: Project Development and Documentation 4 Hours


Wednesday:  I continued working on the BG Assisted Living Facility Comments. I also made an accessibility diagram for another project

AXP: Project Development and Documentation 3 Hours, Programming and Analysis .5 Hours


Thursday: I finished the comments for the BG Assisted Living Facility.

AXP:  Project Development and Documentation 4 Hours


Weekly Project: BG Assisted Living Facility Comments

Project Manager: Ben Whitener and Jerry English

Role of Student: Digitize the comments and redlines made by Ben and Jerry and upload to the design architect (RLPS).


Lessons Learned: This was very interesting and somewhat tedious, but I was able to learn a lot about building conventions after having gone through the architectural plans, as well as the mechanical and structural documents.  Jerry told me that this firm detailed everything much more than he’s ever seen before and that there were a lot of redundancies, but it is a way that a firm can help limit liability. 

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