Nov. 11th – 13th

Nov. 11th- 13th   Monday: I continued research on 107 Wentworth   AXP: Programming and analysis 3 Hours   Tuesday: I continued research on the Wentworth House and worked on reformatting several of our 330 forms AXP: Programming and Analysis 2 Hours, Practice Management 2 Hours   Wednesday:  I continued working on the 330 forms […]

Nov. 4th – 7th

Nov. 4th – 7th   Monday: I spent time organizing past project folders and worked on some research for an upcoming project.   AXP: Programming and Analysis 2.5 Hours   Tuesday: I continued organizing and researching. AXP: Programming and Analysis 3 Hours   Wednesday:  More organizing and research. AXP: Programming and Analysis 2 Hours   […]

Oct. 28th – 31st

Oct. 28th – 31st   Monday: I finished up the Sandy Island HSR  AXP: Project Management 4 Hours   Tuesday: I worked on digitizing the comments made by Ben and Jerry on the CDs for the Bishop Gadsden Assisted Living Facility that the are working on with another firm for construction management  AXP: Project Development […]

Oct. 21st – 24th

Oct. 21st – 24th   Monday: After driving up to Camp Kanuga on Sunday, I spend all day measuring and documenting the existing conditions of the Chapel.    AXP: Programing and Analysis 12 Hours   Tuesday: After receiving further information from consultants, I continued working on and editing the Sandy Island HSR AXP: Project Management […]

Oct. 7th – 10th

Oct. 7th – 10th   Monday: I continued working on the RFQs and HSR draft.  I also re rendered some view of the Bishop Gadsden organ loft.  The client decided they wanted to make changes and add cameras, so I had to model those and create new renderings.  AXP: Practice Management 2 Hours, Project Development […]

Sept. 30th – Oct. 2

Sept. 30th – Oct. 2   Monday: I continued working on an RFQ for the City of Charleston and an RFQ for Coastal  Carolina   AXP: Practice Management 4 Hours   Tuesday: I Continued work on the RFQs as well as making several revisions to the HSR draft that were submitted from consultants. AXP: Practice […]

Prompt 1

Building a Practice to that Adapts to Change I think it’s important to consider this idea or goal now while in school because while my ideas on how adapting to change may not be complete, they help me decide what are the qualities in a firm that would be important to me as an employee.  […]

Sept. 23 – 26

Sept 23 – 26   Monday: I finished up my part on the RFQ and began working on another RFQ.   AXP: Practice Management 4 Hours   Tuesday: I created new 330 forms for projects to include in the new RFQ as well as updated our list of project forms to pull from for future RFQs […]