TC Blog Post 11/18 – 11/21

Daylight, human scale reference with clouds

Sunset, human scale (came to important realizations about my modeling)

Another daylight view from a specific point in the model.

3 Lumion Vantage points that I created to look more closely at a model that was created using Rhino

Studio U Design Project

Theodore Cannon


Monday 11/18

Hours Worked: 0

Studio Review Preparation


Tuesday 11/19

Hours Worked: 4 Hours 15 Minutes

Continued work on the Revit Model for the Main lobby renovation of the Savannah Commons Project.

AXP hours earned:

2 Project Planning & Design


Wednesday 11/20

Hours Worked: 4 Hours

Went in depth with another Revit tutorial courtesy of Johnathan.  Learned more about the intricacies of scheduling and modeling in Revit. Applied concepts to actual Savannah Commons Revit Model.

AXP hours Earned:

3 Project Planning and Design


Thursday 11/21

Hours worked 4 Hours 15 Minutes

Got some major feedback from my mentor on the major project I was working on in Studio.  Very helpful.  Always nice to get some feedback on things that are currently in development.  Always trying to be better!

AXP Hours Earned:

3.5 Project Planning and Design



Honestly it has been a tough week for me personally, but learning to juggle Studio time, work time, and personal time are key in the real world and this week has done a LOT to prepare me for that.  Learned Lumion this week and its so intuitive that I honestly already feel as though I can do whatever I want to within the software.  I just need a tad bit more time with it to start working more effectively.  Since starting here I have already learned 4 new softwares… FOUR!



Twin Motion


Honestly, I could not ask for a more informative or more understanding firm.  When I need time off (within reason) they don’t hesitate to grant me that.  They understand that I am still a student and I am still developing.

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