TC Blog Post 11/4 – 11/7

Lots of Red lining for the week. Continuing with the nitty gritty of the architectural plans.

Savannah Commons Assisted Living

Project Lead: Mike Nixon


Monday 11/4

Hours Worked: 4 Hours

Monday was a slight change from the steady flow that I’ve been going with for a while now.  Slowly developing exterior signage for the Savannah Commons Facility and its not looking too bad.  Deviating from the main path is always a fun time.

AXP hours earned:

3.75 Project Planning and Design


Tuesday 11/5

Hours Worked: 4 Hours 15 Minutes

Adding 15 Minute intervals to make up time missed/time out of the office across the course of the internship.  Still developing that exterior signage.  Mostly complete at this point.

AXP hours earned:

3.5 Project Planning and Design


Wednesday 11/6

Hours Worked: 4 Hours

Had another fantastic Revit tutorial/lesson.  Just going through the basics of a lot of the ribbon menu functions that will help in my day to day flow with the software.  Going to be working on Revit projects shortly.

AXP hours Earned:

3.75 Project Planning and Design


Thursday 10/24

Hours worked 4 Hours 15 Minutes

Doing a lot of plan and section sheets for Mike to try and iron out the kinks of this Savannah Commons design.  There is a lot of coordination with the landscaping component and I’m constantly learning about the intricacies of Architectural design, which I honestly find so fascinating.

AXP Hours Earned:

3.75 Project Planning and Design



A lot of the work for this week has been small and incremental improvements over a lot of the work that was done last week.  That’s the level of final detail that we are getting to.  Was asked on Thursday to bring in some of my school work so that it could be looked at and critiqued, which is honestly so helpful.  Its cool to think that people are interested in the work that an “up and coming architect” is creating.  Gives me a lot of hope for the future.  Slowly but surely getting to a more concrete skill level with Revit.  There is so much that I am learning on a day to day basis just by watching the people at SGANW.  A lot of people here are constantly trying to improve and become better.  They don’t ever seem to comfortable and honestly that is good!  In my opinion comfortability leads to stagnation and stagnant is something that I never want to be.  So, I guess that means I have to keep making myself uncomfortable. Overall, my experience level is starting to greatly develop. I can see why this firm attracts so many great and skilled people.  Its awesome.  Excited to see where the future takes SGANW and myself.

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