Blog Post 11/4-11/7

11/4 – Began to redline construction document set for Kiawah Residence Addition.

11/5  – continued to redline construction document set.

11/6 – continued to redline construction document set.

11/7 – finished redlining construction document set.

Weekly Reflection

Being able to redline the construction document set I’ve been working on allows me to look back at all I’ve done and fix minor things that need to be noted or represented graphically. By redlining a set I’ve created myself, I am better understanding the purpose behind noting specific things and what those notes mean for construction. It is nice being able to wrap up a set of construction documents that I’ve been able to see all the way through. This project has been my responsibility from the time I came back from the semester, until now, and it’s nice being able to see my work through the whole process. I feel that since this project is my responsibility, I have paid close attention to how I model things, as well as how I represent things graphically.

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