TC Blog Post 10/14 – 10/17

Examples of Savannah Commons additions that I’ve started to work on over the course of the week.

Mike Nixon – Project Lead.

Savannah Commons Assisted Living Facility


Monday 10/14

Hours Worked: 4 Hours

Fall Break Woo Hoooooo.  Doesn’t really matter because I still put my time in at the office B-) . Started on a new portion of the Savannah Commons Project which includes more landscaping.

AXP hours earned:

4 Project Planning & Design


Tuesday 10/15

Hours Worked: 4 Hours

Fall break part 2 – AKA just another day for me in the SGA office, which I’m enjoying more and more.  Real mentor ship going on between me and a lot of the members of the firm. Johnathan, one of the designers is added to the list of teachers.

AXP hours earned:

3 Project Planning and Design


Wednesday 10/16

Hours Worked: 4 Hours

Johnathan Started teaching me REVIT which is really cool, honestly.  Didn’t know it could do some of the things he taught me.  I know my way around REVIT a little, but it’s cool that he’s taken the time to try and show me more.

AXP hours Earned:

3 Project Planning and Design



Thursday 10/17

Hours worked 4 Hours

Had midterm reviews today and they went really well.  Really glad things are working out.  More Savannah Commons shenanigans at the office.

AXP Hours Earned:

3 Project Planning and Design



This week we had a meeting or two revolving around more aspects of the Savannah Commons assisted living facility and its taught me a little more about the entirety of the scope for the project.  We are working relatively closely with Landscape Architects and I think that’s awesome.  I am learning more and more each and every day.  Had my midterm review with my main mentor Mike Nixon and it went better than I could have hoped.  I’m just glad that I have the opportunity to grow and actually learn as opposed to being tossed into too many situations that I’m 100% unfamiliar with.  Don’t get me wrong, I have a good deal of trial by fire at SGANR, but I have people here who take some of the heat off of me by assisting if I need it, which is awesome.  It’s also cool to know that this is a growing firm.  A few potential architecture hires came in and toured the office space and it’s awesome knowing there is room for growth within the firm.

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