Blog Post 10/14-10/17

10/14 – 10/15 – FALL BREAK

10/16 – Worked on a residence renovation modeling a front elevation in Revit

10/17 – Worked on updating the firm’s website and created wall sections for a Kiawah residence renovation

Weekly Reflection

Being able to update the firm’s website gives me insight on the range of projects they have worked on, including new construction and renovations. It helps me get familiar with how websites work and how an architectural website should look. Setting up wall sections gave me knowledge on how to properly set them up in revit, as well as information on calling out all sections that are necessary when working on construction documents for a renovation. Setting up these wall sections gives me experience on showing all of the important aspects of a wall section, and a range of wall sections including ones that include panel installations, screened porches, and windows.

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