Prompt 1

How do you build a practice that is focused on people?

In order to effectively build a practice that is focused on people, a firm must start this trend from within. If the human experience is what is the most valuable, a company ought to practice what they preach. For example, by offering a healthy work environment, competitive compensation beyond payroll, and team building events outside of the work day, the firm’s employees will more than likely experience a higher quality work-life and consequently become higher quality employees. I used to work for a firm that stressed “Elevating People’s Potential.” According to their CEO, “As an Architecture and Interior Design firm, we understand that to exceed expectations, we must have the best people. So we invest in our staff’s professional and personal growth, providing a clear framework for successful client service. The result is well-rounded professionals working within market-based studios, serving specific client types with specialized expertise.” The current firm I am interning for holds a similar belief – if you want to keep your clients happy, you must first keep your employees happy, and a healthy office environment is key.

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