9.30.19 – 10.3.19

9.30.19 Practice Management | Project Planning & Design, 5 hours

  • All staff meeting
  • Started phasing the Tenent Health Revit file from SD to DD by organizing file names and sheets and by implementing walls to the bubble diagrams

10.01.19 Project Planning & Design, 4.75 hours

  • Continued to work on Tenent Health project
  • Created a SF comparison package for Tenent Health of existing conditions versus each proposed option

10.02.19 Practice Management | Project Planning & Design, 5.25 hours

  • Architectural active projects staff meeting
  • Began building the shell of an existing Roper Hospital project in Revit. This will be used as the “mother file” for all future client projects and, more immediately, exterior renderings of a proposed project

10.03.19 Project Planning & Design | Construction & Evaluation, 5.75 hours

  • Continued to build the Revit model by referencing CAD plans and an as-built set from the previous architect


  • Organization is very important while working in Revit. All of the Roper Hospital projects have been in different files with no real link between them. Some of the models are out of date which hinders efficiency on current projects if the team has to go back and show updates. It also reflect poorly on us if any updates are missing and items are shown out of date. After talking with our soon-to-be BIM manager and my project manager, we devised a way to organize the projects. Basically we will have one large file that is the shell of the hospital complex (which I am making now) and all other projects will be their own project but will have the master file linked in to it. This way, any updates will be reflected on each project and phases will work smoothly.
  • It’s very important to keep the client in the loop and to respond to everything, even if it’s a quick email saying you got their message and are working on updates. Not only does this let them know where you’re at but it also builds trust when the client can see that you’re responsive and on top of projects.

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