A lot of learning

Monday 30th September

19 Logan (3h – Project Planning and Design)

Today I continued modeling the house on Logan street on Revit, and we had our weekly Monday office meeting where we go through what everyone is working on, what work needs to be done for that week and where we are on each project.

Tuesday October 1st

19 Logan (0.5h  – Project Planning and Design)
593 King (4h – Programming and analysis

Today I did some research on a potential project. With my coworker Leslie, we went to the library to look at the history of the site. I used sandborn maps for the first time and we were able to find a lot of information from newspaper articles on not only the history of the site, the reason why the building closed and the previous owners and their history. I enjoyed doing that because it gives you a better contextual understanding of a project. The librarian also showed us very interesting inventory methods from the past. I then went to the B.A.R to get some more information and archive files. We came back to the office and I organized the information I had found.

Wednesday 2nd

80 Ashley (0.5h – Programming and analysis)
19 Logan (2h30 – Project Planning and Design)

Today I continued working on some projects that I have been morning on in Revit, I made some edits and learned more about Revit families and roofing. My coworker Jonathan helped me with some roofing and gutter questions.

Thursday 3th 

19 Logan (5h – Project Planning and Design)

Today with Simons, we looked at potential changes that could be done for the residential projects, how to make certain spaces bigger and rearrange the layout of certain rooms in order to provide the family with what they needed in their home. I then went ahead and tested out different layouts for bathrooms, living rooms and kitchens to see which best fit that space.

Friday 4th 

19 Logan (1h15min – Project Planning and Design)
80 Ashley (1.74h – Programming and analysis)

This morning was very interesting because we got a little spontaneous business lesson. An order of wooden filing boxes came in and both my coworker and I said, “we could build those ourselves”. Simons then proceeded to analyze why we are not making those ourselves by considering the time it would take to set up the file, but the material, laser cut, glue, sand and bring the boxes out to the office. By making the boxes ourselves we would lose time and $13. I think this was a good lesson in architecture when thinking about time management, manufacturing parts, and overall project management.

Then I worked on windows and roofing for a project and continued editing the layout of the residential project before my weekly Friday meeting with Simons on the progress on my goals for the semester.

Lessons learned:

  • This week I learned how to use the Charleston Public Library system
  • Different types of resources I can use to find the information that I need
  • Where different departments are at the BAR
  • How to edit window families on Revit
  • How to work with roofs on Revit
  • More on residential layouts and room layouts and the space needed for each element
  • How to calculate cost and efficiency when considering different options

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