Good work week!

80 Ashley (1.5h – Programming and analysis)
Church (1.5h – Project Planning and Design)

Today I continued working on projects that I had been working on last week.


80 Ashley (30min- Programming and analysis)
Grace Church (1h- – Project Planning and Design)
540 King (2h30 – Project Planning and Design)

Today I continued working on some projects that I had previously been working on and was informed that we would be working on a new residential/commercial project on King Street and helped with the site plan. We went on a team lunch today which I think is very important because getting to know the people you work with creates an atmosphere of trust and allow you to be connected and work better together.

19 Logan (2.5h- Project Planning and Design)
540 King – (Project Planning and Design
Today Simons and I went to survey a residence on Logan street. I rarely get to be inside Charleston homes, so it was interesting to see le layout of long houses. I am always surprised at how thorough we must be when surveying because one dimension can mess up the whole drawings. I have not done a lot of surveying in the past, so it is always a learning experience for me, especially in a structure that is currently occupied. When we got back to the office, I quickly finished to site plan for a project on King street.

Church (1.5- Project Planning and Design)
19 Logan (2h- Project Development & Documentation)
80 Ashley (30 min- Project Planning and Design)

Today I finished up the tasks on project that I had been working on for the past couple of days. I also started modeling the house that we had surveyed. I did not realize how many measurements we had taken so it took me a bit of time to set everything up. I also did my interview with Simons today about how to create a practice that is adaptable to change. We had a very interesting conversation and we touched upon the points of designing a firm that is adaptable to changes in financial markets, trends, technologies, construction methods, aesthetics, sectors, climate, local vs national work, employment/ age groups, scale, client types, ethics etc… It was very informative. It’s important as an emerging architect to start to have these conversations with mentors, bosses, coworkers and other architects because we are the future of architecture and we will have to deal with changes in all of these topics. I was very happy to be able to have a very honest and informative conversation with Simons. I learned a lot today. Each of my coworkers is open to dialogue, answering questions I have and helping me out. It’s great.

19 Logan (3h- Project Development & Documentation)

Today I continued modeling the house on Logan Street and deciphering our notes and measurements to make everything accurate. It is a task that I need more experience in.

Lessons learned:

  • I learned the importance of taking the right measurements and writing them in a clear way, because there are a lot of them, as well as the importance of being very thorough in surveying a building because one measurement can throw off your drawing.
  • I have been doing a lot of site plans and I am learning to get better at it.
  • The importance of team bonding events.
  • I learned a lot about different ways to run a business and different decisions that you can take in order to be more adaptable to change.

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