Daily Logs and Weekly Reflection – 9/23 – 9/26


Monday, September 23

Hours Worked: 4 hours

Folded & put together document sets for a landscape studio city council project submittal.

Added dimensions & material labels to elevations for the mail kiosks at Heather Glen.

Tidied up the office a little for an important meeting on Wednesday morning with the mayor of Myrtle Beach.

AXP Category: Project Development & Documentation


Tuesday, September 24

Hours Worked: 4 hours

Reviewed electrical and lighting plan drawings from MEP for the tower at the Parks at Carolina Forest.

Looked at various placement options for the mop sink for Benny’s Summerville. I also created and populated the index + window & door schedule sheets for our upcoming submittal.

AXP Category: Project Development & Documentation


Wednesday, September 25

Hours Worked: 4 hours

Picked up redlines on drawing set for Old Village Post House & created a new output sheet for sections.

Added outdoor electrical fixtures to the patio structure 3D model for Leon’s and updated the elevations with tags for new additions.

AXP Category: Project Development & Documentation


Thursday, September 26

Hours Worked: 3.5 hours

Researched finish material for Leon’s patio structure and created new detail sheets with cut sheets & material specs.

Discussed prompt for first journal entry with Luke.

AXP Category: Project Development & Documentation


Project: Leon’s Patio Structure

Project Phase: Construction Documentation

Project Manager: Luke Jarrett

Student’s Role: Assembling final drawing set for FRBS submittal

This week the client on the project sent over some thematic imagery along with certain lighting & heating/cooling fixtures he would like us to incorporate in the 3D model of the structure. Although the client already has a vision in mind for the final look of this new addition, he has been flexible and open to better suggestions, and has left us some room for creative freedom in the layout of these fixtures and in selecting the final material finish for the awning. I’m looking forward to hearing back from the client on the proposals we have come up with.

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